About Us

In a perfect future no senior citizens in our area should be without support socially, economically, physically and spiritually.

Our Objectives:
• To identify those most in need of our service
• To adjust our service to reach and serve those identified
• To address social loneliness through activity and interaction with other senior citizens
• To address economically marginalization through providing affordable meals and access to applicable funds/aid
• To address physical needs through activities aimed at improving the physical and mental well being of senior citizens
• To Provide housing to senior citizens and those in need.

Our Board Of Directors and Trustees

Orionecare provide accommodation for the elderly and people in need.
We also operate a day center for senior citizens from Ballyfermot and surrounding areas. The center provides meals and transport and entertainment as well as day trips. The objectives is to provide a social outlet for the elderly in the community to combat loneliness and isolation and the aim is to keep older people in their community longer and to provide respite for family and carers

Orionecare provide accommodation for people over the age of 55 and those in need. In July 2018 the organization took over the management of the Family Hub for homeless families. This is funded through the DRHE (Dublin Regional Homeless executive).