Orionecare Safeguarding Statement

Orione Care Safeguarding Statement

Orione Care is committed to safeguarding the well-being of children, young people and vulnerable adults and to ensuring its employees and others working on its behalf (e.g.: directors, contractors, students, volunteers) are aware of their personal and professional responsibilities to promote children’s and vulnerable adult’s safety and welfare in accordance with relevant legislation and guidance documents. This policy is designed to assist Orione Care personnel in meeting standards of good practice in relation to safeguarding where relevant, in the course of their employment. All employees are required to familiarise themselves with the policy and procedures. This policy will be reviewed at least every two years and more frequently if needed in response to changes in legislation or national guidance.

Sarsfield House Family Hub is a service providing transitional housing to families experiencing homelessness. The service aims to assist these families become in a better position to move into their own homes in the short-term. While in the care of this service, Orione Care (Ireland)aims to follow best practice in ensuring the safety of all children and young people availing of this service.

  • We acknowledge a duty of care to children living within Sarsfield House Family hub and ensure that staff work under Children’s First guidelines.

  • Staff will make every effort to ensure that every child living within Sarsfield House is (and feels) safe and protected from harm while in the confines of this service

  • All staff working within Sarsfield House Family Hub have read and understand Orione Care (Ireland) Child Protection and Welfare Policy.

  • In accordance with Orione Cares Child Protection and welfare policy, all staff have had training on how to work within Children’s First Guidelines.

  • Staff are expected to implement Children’s First guidelines in all aspects of their work.

  • All residents will be made aware that staff work primarily from a child protection view point during assessment or induction.

Orione Care (Ireland) agrees that:

  • The protection and welfare of children is of paramount importance, regardless of all other considerations.

  • We will fully comply with our obligations under the Children’s First Act 2015 and other relevant legislation relating to the protection and welfare of children.

  • We will fully co-operate with the relevant statuary authorities in relation to child safeguarding matters.

  • We actively promote safe practices to minimise the possibility of harm happening to children and protect workers from the necessity to take unnecessary risks that may leave themselves open to accusations of abuse or neglect. Staff are provided with training in Children First.

  • We will fully respect confidentiality requirements in dealing with child protection matters.

  • Policies and Procedures are in Place for reporting harm or abuse or allegations to Tusla and procedures in place for the management of allegations.

  • Procedures in Place for the selection and recruitment of staff and Garda Vetting system is in Place.

  • The Manager of the Service is also appointed as the Mandated person and has a Statutory Obligation for reporting concerns and alegations to Tulsa.

  • We endeavour to create a safe space to live and learn.

  • Children will be listened to and heard.

  • We will work with children in partnership with their parents.

  • We will support people to report their concerns.

  • We have carried out risk assessments of all activities related to the Family Hub and these form part of our Policy and Procedures.

There is a Designated Liaison Person appointed in our homeless Service, who deals with child protection concerns.

The designated Liaison person is:

Name: Evelyn Leonard


Email: evelyn@orionecare.ie

Address: Sarsfield House Sarsfield Road Dublin 10

Deputy Liaison person: Sheila Howes


We recognise that implementation is an ongoing process. Our service is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our service. This Child Safeguarding Statement will be reviewed annually, or as soon as practicable after there has been a material change in any matter to which the statement refers.

Signed: Evelyn Leonard Date: 01/07/2019

Service Provider’s name and contact details: Orione Care (Ireland), Sarsfield House, First Avenue, Sarsfield road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10, 01 6237098

For further information on this Statement, contact Relevant Person: Evelyn Leonard, 085 8069601, email: evelyn@orionecare.ie