Services We Provide

At our facility in Ballyfermot we focus on 4 main activities.
A housing scheme, meals on wheels, our daycare centre and a service for homeless families called the Sarsfield House Family Hub.

Housing Scheme


Our housing scheme contains 47 housing units for older people over the age of 55.

Fr.Bidone Court is a quiet and well maintained housing scheme.

Our residents talk a lot about the community spirit in Fr. Bidone Court and the ways in which residents ‘look out for each other’ – for example if a particular resident has not been seen in a while or their curtains are pulled across all the time or they are acting in a strange way neighbours would try to find out if there was anything wrong and try to help.



Family Hub

Sarsfield House Family Hub (SHFH) is our most recent initiative.
Family Hubs are intended to provide better alternatives for homeless families than emergency
accommodation such as hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.

Our Family Hubs provide families with a range of services/supports which includes their own dedicated rooms which they can occupy for as long as it takes to secure longer term housing, cooking facilities, spaces within their rooms and in common areas for children to do their homework and to play, playgrounds, organisation of activities for children, access to Key Workers.

Daycare Centre

Our Sarsfield House Day Centre has been providing a range of services to older people since the
major refurbishment of the ground floor at Sarsfield House took place in 2004.

Our Daycare visitors are talking in glowing and laudatory terms about the staff employed by OCI to look after the Day Centre and said that the staff are most courteous and respectful whilst, at the same time, being good fun and having a laugh.